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Assessment Body - AsBo

The CSM directive EU 402/2013 (amended by EU 1136/2015) obliges the operator or manufacturer of railway vehicles or other railway subsystems to introduce a risk management system.

Safety Assessment Report
The successful implementation is inspected by the “Assessment Body“. The Albold Consulting GmbH has reached Authorisation as AsBo by the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA) and in addition by the Bundesamt für Verkehr (BAV) in Switzerland. The result of the inspection is a safety assessment report which will be used in homologation processes. Furthermore it serves as a proof for the manufacturer or operator that all steps have been taken to fulfil the responsibility for safety inherent in this role.

Anerkennung-EBA-Seite 2

In case of a significant modification of the railway system, the CSM directive EU 402/2013 requires that a five-step process be implemented:

step 1: system definition and –separation and safety plan

step 2: hazard identification

step 3: safety requirement specification

step 4: verification und validation

step 5: safety report

Are you in need of a safety assessment body, i.e. Albold Consulting GmbH as an inspecting organisation or AsBo for the risk management body?

Typically the sequence of the assessment procedure is done in three steps:

  • in a first conversation we review the content and scope of work and will make a commercial offer on the basis of an independent evaluation plan (if already available)
  • we organize an audit with your expert team and document all results during the meeting
  • we complete the safety report as soon as all answers are available

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