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Assessment for the Proof of Non-Regression

Whenever software without safety relevance is integrated in a system which is safety relevant, the SIRF regulation requires that the non-regression shall be demonstrated. The target is to show that the software without safety relevance does not disturb the correct function of the safety system. According to our experience the system without safety relevance has not been officially classified as such and the starting position is unclear with respect to regressions and hazards.

In 3 Steps
That is why our procedure, which we typically finish in one workday at the customer’s site, foresees three sections:

  1. classification according to safety levels and hazard analysis according to SIRF
  2. inspection according EN 50128:2001 section 5
  3. assessment of the concretely existing regressions according to SIRF

During this working meeting it is necessary for the assessor to interact with your development team. In addition, the operator or the system responsible should also be present or be available via telephone.

The result will be an assessment report, gladly in English or French language, which is suited for the presentation in Authorities. The assessment for the proof of non-regression is our favourite product because of it’s unsurpassed efficiency.

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