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Homologation Projects

Homologation projects are characterized by being late. On the basis of this undesirable situation the Albold Consulting GmbH developed the strong desire to set up a project management according to CMMI (capability maturity model integration). This was started in 2008 and is ongoing. The beginning was made by a task description for a homologation project:


From this starting point we gained the first understanding that homologation projects are much more extensive than we first thought. The concrete evolvement of tasks is structured in 8 steps:

Our method strives to reach the following targets for the project:

  • forecasting and proactive activities
  • progress follows a fixed pattern, with processes and templates
  • results are punctual
  • budget and dates are kept
  • management is openminded and interested
  • recyclable and repeatable

Each project is unique and needs an individual method. We have experienced that minimal quality standards and fixpoints provide massive advantages for the project team:

  • we keep a clear overview
  • we control costs
  • we keep the deadlines
  • we stay in good health until the project end
  • we get you on track!