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i-DeBo (Interim Designated Body)

The Process
Most of the homologation processes for rolling stock in Europe require the cooperation of three partners. Each of those three highlights different aspects of safety and conformity:

  • The AsBo (Assessment Body) assesses the risk management process of the applicant (manufacturer or operator)
  • The NoBo (Notified Body) inspects the conformity of the vehicle or component with the requirements of the TSI on interoperability.
  • The DeBo (Designated Body) investigates if the vehicle complies with the specific national rules (formally NNTR = Notified National Technical Rules)

The Result
With annex 2 of the MoU Process, Albold Consulting GmbH was authorized to act as an Interim DeBo.

The Albold Consulting GmbH will take responsibility as i-DeBo for your project and will verify if your vehicle/your component complies with the NNTR. The result of this process will be a NNTR-conformity statement.
We will support you in homologation procedures which follow the earlier regulations of the EBA (VV IBG) and require a so-called “independent and autonomous person”.

Your Advantage
We are characterized by a decade of experience with the coordination of homologation projects. On this basis we reach an unusual degree of efficiency, speed, accessibility, thoroughness and transparency in all our projects.

Our clients appreciate our reliability, flexibility and independence.

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