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Net Entry

The infrastructure operator issues regulations which are intended to guarantee the safe and undisturbed course of operation for the railway vehicles.

Network Statement
Every year, the largest German infrastructure operator DB Netz AG publishes the network statement, which is a mandatory set of requirements for the manufacturer and operator of a railway vehicle. Additionally, the infrastructure operator is an important stakeholder whenever

  • unusual vehicles require a permit for operation,
  • the compatibility of vehicle and bridges has to be verified,
  • the approval for test runs in operation has to be gained for vehicles without a certificate of the National Safety Authority.

Special Cases
The process for net enty raises many questions on the interface of operation and engineering of a railway vehicle. The result is a special challenge for the manufacturer or operator. The Albold Consulting GmbH has longterm experiences with those subjects and will accompany your team as a project coordinator until the successful solution is reached.

Please contact us whenever you have questions connected with net entry topics.