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Release Management

The release management starts with the initial question to the operator, which modifications shall be combined in one release. The target is to minimize effort for test, evidence documentation, assessment reports, recertification and updating of the net entry as well as the authorisation for operation (IBG).

Our Experience
Those challenges cannot be solved analytically, but only by our long-term experience. The task substantially increases in complexity with each country for which the vehicle is certified.

Our Enthusiasm
The Albold Consulting GmbH loves modification management. Hence we are excited to train you in the creation and implementation of change processes, in the generation of regression analyses, in the agreement with authorities, assessors, NoBo, AsBo, DeBo and infrastructure operators.

Our Target
The target is to work out a planned and predictable procedure which will guide us with minimal effort to the update of the vehicle status with all the connected documentation. During this procedure, the operator or manufacturer shall not lose his legal basis at any point. We act upon the maxim that each release must be created such as to build an impeccable basis for the next release.

Our task
The Albold Consulting GmbH takes responsibility for project control, project planning, supervision and partially the execution of tasks in a release project. This is the way to make your vehicle fit for the future.

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