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About us

Everything started when….

in the year 2008 one of the most important decisions was taken:

Frau Dr. Astrid Albold establishes the Albold Consulting GmbH. The success confirms her decision!

 The positive development began as…

  • she is fascinated by railway vehicles since 1999,
  • her know-how in the subjects of railway operation and railway technology is more than eminent,
  • she received her authorisation as assessor for software on railway vehicles as early as 2003.

And then the race went on, as …

the fascination for railways “entra(i)nces” us!

Starting from the first moment, we prove our value with a team of experts at the market and support our customers in the realisation of their targets. We look back on a long standing experience, we cultivate our contacts and enlarge our network carefully.

Your profit is realised as…

you presently read those lines.

The increasing globalisation and industrialisation leads to an ever-more-complex situation in the safety-relevant systems, especially in the field of software. As experts of this domain, we understand that our task is realising cost advantages for you and to meet the increasing quality requirements in the safety relevant systems.

Now it is your turn, as…

we are excited to learn in which of your interesting and outstanding projects you wish to entrust to us and our know-how.

Our continuous training and increase of the team leads to the situation that we can now offer a colorful posy of services, which serve to bring your project to a success – precisely and focused. Additionally we win points with our reliability, cordiality and we will accompany you with knowledge and joy in your task.