NNTR Germany

Notified National Technical Rules

In addition to the pillars ‘TSI’, for the technical interoperability of a railway system in Europe, and ‘CSM’, for the safety methods, the NNTR (Notified National Technical Rules) represent the third pillar of an approval procedure in Europe. Each country has published its own rules, compliance with which must be verified by a DeBo (Designated Body).

The Inspectors

Albold Consulting GmbH is accredited as an external party involved in the Designated Body (DeBo) EISENBAHN-CERT and provides the inspectors for the DeBo assessment in the field of rolling stock.


In an initial discussion with the client, the course of the project is jointly agreed right up to completion. It is of crucial importance to determine the relevant NNTR points and to define the necessary documentation as well as the scope of the evaluation. As a rule, this coordination is repeated and refined in the course of the project. As soon as the first documents are available, the assessment is conducted for each NNTR point with ongoing project supervision. After the last successful test, the NNTR dossier and the associated certificate are issued by EISENBAHN-CERT. Intermediate test certificates are possible if it is desirable to officially document a summary of the tests which have already been successfully completed.