Common Safety Method

Common Safety Method

Common Safety Method

The CSM Directive EU 402/2013 (amended by EU 1136/2015) obliges the operator or manufacturer of rolling stock and other railway subsystems to introduce a risk management system.

Safety Assessment Report

Successful implementation is verified by the ‘Assessment Body’ (AsBo). Albold Consulting GmbH has been recognized as an AsBo by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) as well as in Switzerland by the Federal Office of Transport (BAV). The result of the inspection is a safety assessment report which is used for the approval process. In addition, this serves as proof for the manufacturer or operator that they have fulfilled their safety responsibilities.

The 5-Step Process

The CSM Regulation requires that a 5-step process be implemented when there is a significant change to railway systems:

Step 1: System definition / change description and risk management process
Step 2: Hazard identification and risk assessment
Step 3: Safety requirement specification
Step 4: Verification and validation
Step 5: Safety assessment report


In an initial discussion, we clarify the project details with you and create an individual offer that also contains the independent assessment plan.

At the outset of the project, we will meet with you to discuss - sentence by sentence - how all the requirements of the CSM Directive are to be met. This makes it clear which evidence document is used for which requirement and whether all points have been adequately taken into account.
Once all evidence documents are available, we evaluate the fulfilment of all safety requirements and create a final safety assessment report.