TSI Verifications

Technical Specifications for Interoperability

The Inspectors

The European TSI (technical specifications for interoperability) form the centrepiece of almost all approval processes.

Numerous design tests and type tests have to be completed on the way to obtain the certificate. Albold Consulting GmbH is accredited as an external party involved in the Notified Body (NoBo) EISENBAHN-CERT and provides the inspectors for the NoBo assessment in the field of rolling stock.

The Design Test

During the design review, the task of the inspectors is to compare the manufacturer's documents from the design phase (e.g. drawings, concepts, calculations) with the requirements of the TSI in the relevant point and to confirm conformity. It is not necessary for a finished vehicle to be available for this step.

The Type Test

In the type test, the rail vehicle proves that the TSI requirements, as confirmed earlier in the design phase, are fulfilled in reality. It is established at the beginning of the project which of the tests are to be conducted by the AC inspectors. However, some of the tests also require special test laboratories which are accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 for this task. The selection of the laboratories and the confirmation of competence is also an important step on the part of the manufacturer at the beginning of the project, which is confirmed by the inspectors.

The Exception

A TSI verification would not be complete without some special cases:

  • Routine tests
  • Interoperability components
  • TSI exceptions
  • National special cases
  • Quality audits
  • Links to the CSM Regulation (AsBo)

Here, too, our inspectors are at your side.