Proof of non-regression

Expert reports on Proof of non-regression

If software that has no relevance to safety is integrated into a system that is relevant to safety, freedom from repercussions must be demonstrated in accordance with SIRF. This aims to ensure that the software that is not safety-related does not interfere with the correct functioning of the safety system. Experience has shown that the non-safety-related system is usually not yet officially classified and the initial situation with regard to the effects or hazards is unclear.

In Three Steps

Our process, which can typically be completed in one working day at the client’s premises, therefore has three sections:

  1. Examination of the safety-related classification with a risk analysis based on SIRF
  2. Testing in accordance with EN 50657 Section 4
  3. Testing of the specific repercussions according to SIRF

Cooperation with your development team is required for this working meeting. The operator or the systems company should also be available by telephone or on site.

The Result

The result is an assessment report, also available in English or French, that is suitable for submission to authorities. This is subject to DAkkS accreditation. The expert report on proof on non-regression is our favourite product because it is unsurpassed in its efficiency.

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